Benefit Accounts to Support Employees During the Pandemic

In these unprecedented times, many employers look for ways to support their employees. This includes not only ways to keep them on their payroll, but also offer solutions to medical, crises and giving expenses. TASC pioneered the UBA (Universal Benefit Account) platform which opens up many possibilities to create custom plans, depending on the needs of your employees. This platform elevates the ease of adapting the benefits solutions each and every day, but especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the responsiveness and adaptability count the most. Below you will be able to find a few of the solutions we have developed and implemented directly into the platform to facilitate fast execution of the needs of your company and your employees.

Emergency Expense Reimbursement Account

With an Emergency Expense Reimbursement Account, employers can help cover unforeseen costs for their employees during an emergency or difficult circumstance. Eligible items for reimbursement include medical expenses and dependent care costs for qualifying dependents.
Emergency Loan Account

Emergency Loan Account

You can offer emergency funds to your employees who might need financial assistance for unexpected expenses during a difficult time with an Emergency Loan Account. This interest-free loan account allows you to give employees immediate access to borrowed funds to minimize financial stress in times of need.

Back-Up Care Reimbursement Account

Back-Up Care Reimbursement Account offers employees peace of mind when they face unexpected dependent care challenges. Employers can fund this account to help employees secure and pay for temporary care for their dependents, young and old, when regular care falls through.

Home Office Account

Do you have employees working remotely on a temporary or permanent basis? The Home Office Account can be added to your benefit plans to reimburse your employees for the cost of qualified office equipment and supplies necessary to sufficiently equip their home office or workstation.
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